Yang Yuanqing, deputy to the National People's

  Sina Technology News March 5 morning news, the fifth session of the 13th National People's Congress opened in Beijing today. National People's Congress, LenovoThis year, Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of the group, brought "Suggestions on Using Digital Transformation to Promote More Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to Become "Specialized, Specialized and New" and "Suggestions on Fully Guaranteeing Women's High-quality Employment".

  Intensify efforts to support SMEs to move towards "specialized, specialized and innovative"

  The Central Economic Work Conference clarified the policy goal of "stabilizing growth" in 2022. Yang Yuanqing believes that although we are facing certain downward pressure on the economy in the short term, China's economy is fundamentally oriented, with strong resilience and great potential. With perseverance and confidence, we will continue to grasp the general trend of industrial digital transformation, use "new IT" to enable intelligent, low-carbon transformation and upgrading made in China, and build a solid economic "ballast stone", especially to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, Guarantee high-quality employment, so as to insist on making progress while maintaining stability and achieve high-quality development.

  Yang Yuanqing believes that in the national strategy of my country's digital economy development, small and medium-sized enterprises and large-scale industry enterprises are equally important. Small and medium-sized enterprises are not only an indispensable part of the industrial chain and supply chain, but also an important source of innovation, which has a significant impact on employment, people's livelihood and other issues. However, in the process of the development of the digital economy, many small and medium-sized enterprises have challenges such as weak digital foundation, lack of funds and technical talents, lack of motivation for upgrading and transformation, and lack of clear focus and grasp.

  In order to better promote the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises and cultivate more "specialized, refined and new" enterprises, Yang Yuanqing brought "Suggestions on Using Digital Transformation to Promote More Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to "Specialize, Specialize and New". He suggested: First, the government and relevant associations should jointly establish the "Digital Development Index of SMEs" to provide a scientific basis for evaluating the development level of SMEs. This will help relevant departments to better assess the digital level of SMEs in different industries and regions, and help SMEs to "make up for lessons" more efficiently; second, build a platform for accelerating the digital transformation of SMEs, and provide SMEs with digital assessment consulting and training and funding programs to effectively promote the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and solve the problem of "will not transfer, dare not transfer" in the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises; Including increasing fiscal and taxation support, improving credit support policies, and unblocking market-oriented financing channels.

Improve the employment environment for women

Yang Yuanqing has always been concerned about employment issues, so he put forward the "Suggestions on Fully Guaranteeing Women's High-quality Employment".

He suggested: First, further improve relevant laws and regulations to ensure that women have equal employment rights. It is recommended that the National People's Congress complete the revision of the Law on the Protection of Women's Rights and Interests as soon as possible, improve the mechanism for ensuring women's employment and eliminate gender discrimination in employment; stipulate the minimum employment ratio of women in different positions, ensure equal pay for equal work for male and female employees, and promote the selection of talents without gender differences in all positions It is recommended that the government incorporate the employment of women into the corporate social responsibility evaluation system, support and encourage enterprises to establish a sound employment system for women, introduce guidelines for the proportion of female employees in recruitment, and strengthen the performance and promotion of women during pregnancy, childbirth and lactation. Protection and other implementation rules to completely eliminate discrimination against women in employment. While allowing women to enjoy equal employment rights, it provides strong guarantees for women's physical, mental, social, financial and value realization.

Second, establish a system of maternity protection and flexible work for women, and promote the same work for both male and female employees. It is suggested that the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security learn from the advanced practices of local provinces and cities, further formulate clear and clear legal norms for "maternity leave", and simultaneously launch supporting policies such as the inclusive nursery service system. Research and establish a cost-sharing mechanism for men and women on maternity leave. On the one hand, extending the number of vacation days for men during their spouse’s maternity leave allows men to better take care of their families, mothers and children; cost balance. Not only to achieve "equal pay for equal work", but also to achieve "equal work with the same capital". In addition, it is recommended to broaden the financing channels of the maternity insurance fund, introduce social forces, and expand the scale of the fund, so that the maternity insurance fund can not only pay maternity leave wages, but also cover maternity allowances during maternity leave. Enterprises are encouraged to implement a flexible working system for female employees whose children are still in childcare. On the basis of ensuring an 8-hour working system, flexible working hours are allowed to facilitate the balance between work and childcare.

Third, effectively improve the employability of women. On the one hand, it actively builds a training base for female workers to continuously improve the employability of female workers, and on the other hand, actively carries out female leadership training projects to achieve high-quality employment for women. (Dapeng)

Yang Yuanqing , deputy to the National People's Congress

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